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by zope last modified 2012-10-27 08:06 PM
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Story on Water

$450, framed

Story on Water - thumbnail Story on Water - small

In a Turquoise State of Mind

$750, framed

In a Turquoise State of Mind - thumbnail In a Turquoise State of Mind - small


Rose - thumbnail Rose - small

Forever Joined

Forever Joined - thumbnail Forever Joined - small


Charlie - thumbnail Charlie - small

Kitty TV

Kitty TV - thumbnail Kitty TV - small

Spitting Image

Spitting Image - thumbnail Spitting Image - small

Before the Sun


Before the Sun - thumbnail Before the Sun - small

The Hairy Eyeball

The Hairy Eyeball - thumbnail The Hairy Eyeball - small

Steppin Out


Steppin Out - thumbnail Steppin Out - small

Aw Shucks


Aw Shucks - thumbnail Aw Shucks - small

Selfie Noob


Selfie Noob - thumbnail Selfie Noob - small


Portia - thumbnail Portia - small

The Awakening of the Prince

collaged paper on linen, coated with gel medium

The Awakening of the Prince - thumbnail The Awakening of the Prince - small


watercolor/pen/acrylic, framed

Sparkle - thumbnail Sparkle - small

Better Things to Do

watercolor/pen/acrylic framed

Better Things to Do - thumbnail Better Things to Do - small

Four Salty Dogs

Four Salty Dogs - thumbnail Four Salty Dogs - small

Bug Hunt

watercolor, pen, acrylic, framed

Bug Hunt - thumbnail Bug Hunt - small


watercolor, pen, acrylic, framed

Sassy - thumbnail Sassy - small


watercolor, pen, acrylic, framed

Corn? - thumbnail Corn? - small

Free Range

watercolor, pen, acrylic, framed

Free Range - thumbnail Free Range - small

Ms. Minerva for the Yearbook

watercolor, pen, acrylic, framed

Ms. Minerva for the Yearbook - thumbnail Ms. Minerva for the Yearbook - small

Her Mama's Pearls

watercolor, pen, acrylic, framed

Her Mama's Pearls - thumbnail Her Mama's Pearls - small

School Picture

watercolor, pen, acrylic, framed

School Picture - thumbnail School Picture - small

Reality TV

watercolor, pen, acrylic, framed

Reality TV - thumbnail Reality TV - small

Bacon Please

$85, framed

Bacon Please - thumbnail Bacon Please - small

Somebody Say "Walk?"

Somebody Say "Walk?" - thumbnail Somebody Say "Walk?" - small

Taking Life in the Slow Lane


Taking Life in the Slow Lane - thumbnail Taking Life in the Slow Lane - small



Wistful - thumbnail Wistful - small

Thinking 'Bout Elvis

Thinking 'Bout Elvis - thumbnail Thinking 'Bout Elvis - small
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